Final Fantasy XIII Updates

Final Fantasy XIII News


– FFXIII Demo on Xbox360 was shown on the event. This version of the demo was created with a more updated build, thus one will be able to notice more small details added to the graphics. Unlike the original japanese PS3 demo, the language for this demo is in English. Lightning was also given 4 ATB bars to use (compared to 3) in the video and summoned Odin for the first time in the world. Lightning and Odin was shown to be fighting in unison, with both of them excuting attacks at the same time.

– A new E3 2009 trailer was shown.  This new trailer is dubbed in english and includes scenes from the demo as well as new scenes from a snowy cavern. This trailer is also released in Japanese. One interesting thing to note is that, at the ending parts of the video, Snow called Lightning “Nee-san” in the Japanese version. What meaning it has is still unknown, however a recent interview has said that it gives a very big hint to their relationship. (However, in the english version of the dub, Snow called Lightning by her name instead.)

– Shiva appears as the “Shiva sisters” in this game, and bear the names Styria and Nix. Snow is the character assigned to her and during the summon, he will be able to ride it as a motorbike to do various attack combinations according to the buttons pressed.

– For every character, it is confrimed that only 1 summon will be assigned to him or her. We have only known 3 of the usable summons (Odin, Shiva and Carbuncle). Sazh’s summon has yet to be seen. Fans speculate that there will be at least one more playable character though, though this has not been confrimed.

– A interview of Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama talking about FFXIII is up on gametrailers. You can view it here. Kitase states that he will “think about it” about the dual-dub function in the english version, though previous interviews state otherwise.

– The japanese version is to be released in winter 2009, while the american version will be out before Spring 2010. 


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